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I write about books that are part of a collection on horses and horse racing.
Some of the stories about the books and where they came from are as interesting as the books themselves.

I also took the photographs on this blog.

All books are for sale, and to find out more information, please submit a comment (& please tell me if you do not want me to post it publicly) or contact me at

Thanks –

Kaycie Roberts

  1. I might have to change the subtitle of my blog to “All about Thoroughbred Horses and Horses Through Books,” as I continue to learn more about the sport as I write about each book. Hopefully you will find that to be the case as you read about the books too.

  2. Hi Kaycie
    You are a kindred spirit! Found yr blog whilst looking for CM Prior’s Stud Book Lore. Been passionate about racehorses since I was 12 so we’re talking nearly 40 yrs. am going to sift my way thru yr blog but wonderful to have found you!
    Lisa Sutherland-Fraser

    • Thanks, Lisa! I’m glad you found this blog, and hopefully you’ll find some good info here. Yes, Stud Book Lore is a good one. Maybe I’ll write about it soon. If you have any requests for blog posts, please let me know! Thanks –

  3. There is a recent novel centered in the thoroughbred world of breeding and racing. It’s availab on and You can preview it there. I assure you it will hold your interest throughout. It’s author is Gerald Lurie, a former owner, breeder and trainer of thoroghbreds.
    If you read it, i’d appreciate your reaction to it.

    • Thanks for the information, Gerald. Right now I’m writing about books from a collection. I’m assuming this is your book you are mentioning. Congratulations. It looks like it is getting great reviews.

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