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Signed Books on Horse Racing

July 7, 2011

Now that I’ve posted all the books in the collection on the inventory page, I wanted to identify the ones that are signed. Please post a comment if you would like more information.

75 Years – The Aga Khan’s Racing and Breeding Stud, 1922-1997, compiled and published by Georg Lange, Germany, 1998 (signed, book #319 out of 333)

How to Breed a Racehorse, by Michael Miller (signed), 1951

Inbreeding to Superior Females Using the Rasmussen Factor to Produce Better Racehorses, by Rommy Faversham and Leon Rasmussen (signed, inscribed), 1999


Secretariat, by Raymond G. Woolfe, 1998 (signed)

The Tesios as I Knew Them, by Mario Incisa Della Rochetta, 1940 (signed, inscribed)

Understanding the Power of the X Factor: Patterns of Heart Score and Performance, by Marianna Haun, 2001 (Publisher’s bookplate, signed “Marianna Haun,” on inside front cover.) (Since I first posted this photo, this book has sold & is no longer in the collection.)

The X Factor: What It Is & How to Find It: The Relationship Between Inherited Heart Size and Racing Performance, by Marianna Haun, 1997 (new, tight binding, and signed, on publisher’s bookplate)


  1. These are very cool. There are some beautiful old books on racing out there. I am sad to have lost my lovely “A Year at the Races” by Robert B. Parker -I guess it got left behind in a move.

  2. Thanks, Natalie. I’ve been so intrigued both by the beauty of the books and by what they have to say. I’m sorry about the loss of your lovely book. I know how that is.

    I like your blog and your writing and will follow them as I continue to learn more about racing and thoroughbreds. Thanks –


  3. Thanks, Kaycie! It’s appreciated. If you ever want to guest-post, many of my readers have a deep appreciation for Thoroughbreds in print and would love to hear more about it. I don’t get to collect many Thoroughbred books and it would be a pleasure to share about them.

    • Hi, Natalie – Your blog has a nice, new look. Thanks for the guest-post offer. I’d love to do that! If you have anything in mind, please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll think of something & propose it to you.
      Similarly, I think it would be great if you’d like to guest-post, as your experience with the thoroughbred, retired racehorses, and your book would be of interest to my readers too.
      Thanks –

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