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Bloodstock Breeding, by Sir Charles Leicester

February 4, 2011

In case you are wondering, ‘bloodstock’ means ‘pedigreed livestock, such as cattle, dogs, or racehorses used for breeding.’ In this case, we are talking about race horses.

Bloodstock Breeding, by Sir Charles Leicester, was first published in 1957 and has been called a standard reference work on this subject. The book is presented in two parts, first, the theory as it affects all bloodstock breeders, and, second, the practice as it has been borne out in the Derby, the pinnacle of British racing. The current version (copyright 1983) is still in print. The book is written in the first person, providing direct and personal insight from the author, an expert in this subject.

I remembered that I had two copies of this invaluable book, one (on the left, in the above photo), the fifth reprint of the original 1957 book, with revisions from 1969, and the other (on the right, in the above photo), copyright 1983, revised by Howard Wright, reprinted in 1999.

I really liked this photograph from the beginning of the 1957 version, opposite the title page, with the caption, “Hyperion with his leader J.Courtney: a fine example of mutual trust between man and horse referred to on page 179.”


For additional information on this book, please see a more recent post on a list of the best books on horse racing, in which this book appears.


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