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Zenyatta Drinks Guiness Stout

November 1, 2010

60 Minutes did a great job profiling Zenyatta, in advance of the big race on Saturday. The rest of 60 Minutes was a bit depressing, especially because it faced reality, and it was nice to end the evening on a positive, something to cheer.  From what I’ve heard, horse racing and breeding has been dramatically affected by the recession, to the point that the number of horses racing will be so much lower in the next couple of years because there were so many fewer horses bred in the past couple of years.

Highlights of the 60 Minutes show include the helmet cam, a camera placed on the helmet of the jockey to allow viewers to see what it’s like to be riding Zenyatta, and the discussion about what they feed her. In addition to oats and hay, she is given aloe vera for her stomach and, as a reward, Guiness Stout, the only beer she’ll drink.

Here’s the segment: Zenyatta on 60 Minutes

I also loved the behind the scenes video on the CBS website, talking about making this profile, the first they’ve ever done on an animal, and how a 23-year-old producer who grew up on a farm helped the producer and interviewer who were from the city come to realize just how special Zenyatta really is. I can’t wait to see the Breeder’s Cup on Saturday!

Behind the Scenes with Zenyatta


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